New Reasons To Feed Your Cruise Addiction

As addictions go, it could be worse.  You could be dependent on something that might not end well.  A drug-induced escape from reality comes to mind.  Odds are, lifetime quality memories will not be produced in altered reality.  Still, have a good first cruise experience and we want more. So we book again, maybe even before leaving the ship we are currently sailing.  Doing so avoids the withdrawal process junkies of any kind go through after the high wears off.  At least in the beginning.


Over time it takes more cruise action to satisfy the need.  Cruise addicts get picky, focusing on the parts they like best.  They avoid the parts they don’t care for and can spiral down a dead end road that could ruin what was once our vacation of choice. Cruise lines, the enablers of our fixation, know this and have new reasons to feed your cruise addiction.

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