French Chef A Key Ingredient In The Seabourn Experience

On the last full day of the Seabourn Food and Wine Cruise, French chef Jean-Claude Cavalera showed us how to make a couple dishes that might very well show up on their tables at home. A trending characteristic of the culinary-themed sailing, Cavalera’s Ratatouille recipe was but one take away Seabourn Guests will have to remember from their time spent aboard Seabourn Sojourn. Wine knowledge and appreciation increased, old friends reunited, new friends made and interesting destinations visited, we leave a bit different than we began.

Jean-Claude Cavalera - 334

For most of the 7-night Taste of the Mediterranean sailing, classic French chef Cavalera was “the other guy” as Italian chef Giuseppe Argentino’s commanding presence drew a lot of attention, wherever he went.   On a sunny afternoon in St Tropez though, Cavalera’s French charm, elegant culinary skills and comfortable classroom instructor style came clearly into focus.

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Equally important ingredients in the Seabourn Food And Wine Cruise recipe for success are a bit more difficult to define, but critical binders that made for a stellar event at sea.

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During live events at sea, we normally bombard the socially connected with a plethora of tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram photos all along the way. We could very well have done that on this event as well, but thought better of it. Instead, we kept those to a minimum choosing quality over quantity as we sailed, saving engaging bulk content for processing when back on land, for a couple of reasons.

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First and foremost, the ultra high quality of this event demanded an attention to detail on our part equal to that displayed every single step of the way by the crew of Seabourn Sojourn. To offer readers anything less would not do their work justice.

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Additionally, the full roster of live events demanded our full attention, just to capture images and those images are just one part of the experience we will be sharing with you for weeks to come. It was just that intense.

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Billed as 39 separate events, that number swelled to nearly 50, in seven days. That’s more than the first Seabourn Food And Wine cruise racked up in ten.   Each of those events are stand alone worthy of consideration. That made for a complex recipe that took the full culinary staff of Seabourn Sojourn, the two celebrity chefs and three Seabourn corporate chefs to pull off.

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And pull it off they did, beginning and ending with memorable sail away parties bookending a full library of engaging events. See below for what we have covered so far. This short list provides a nice general overview of the Seabourn Experience; a major topic that will finally and completely define Seabourn.

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The Seabourn Experience

The Seabourn Experience topic is planned to have 47 unique posts here, tagged #SeabournExperience on Twitter and each with their own Pinterest photo board, Flickr photo set and premiere debut feature of a new website we will launch soon.

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