Freeport, Bahamas: Not The Boring Place We Thought It Was

Many years ago, we decided Freeport in the Bahamas was not worth getting off the cruise ship to see.  There was very little to do and fewer things to see.  A recent sailing on Carnival Cruise Lines newly rebuilt Carnival Sunshine changed all that and make Freeport, Bahamas worth another look.

Carnival-sponsored shore excursions alone make good reason to get off the ship.

Adventure Excursions include a Bahamas Jeep Adventure that explores Freeport and includes lunch, beach time and shopping.  Those 25 and over can drive that Jeep on the left side of the road, following British tradition.  That makes this a good choice for those who plan on visiting European destinations where left is right (correct). ($109.99) Other ‘adventure’ tours are available too, running between 5.5 and 6 hours.

A Coastal Segway Experience is offered as an off-road Segway X2 adventure with a beach break and shopping ($89.99). The Freeport Biking Adventure combines biking, sightseeing and the beach ($89.00).  Want to get your kayak fix?   The Freeport Kayak and Nature Experience might be just what you need and explores Freeport’s Lucayan National Park ($99.00).

Beach Excursions are plentiful, starting at $34.99 per person.  An All Inclusive Beach Getaway ($69.99) takes cruise travelers to Taino Beach where they can eat, drink, be merry and play on the beach, with or without provided toys.  Altogether, six different beach options are available, including a Junkanoo Beach With Shopping Tour that visits one of the Bahamas’ most beautiful beaches,  Junkanoo Beach Club and resort getaway ($64.99).

Swimming With The Dolphins?  Yes, you can do that here too, either with a Dolphin Close Encounter  ($139.99) (if fish scare you) or Swim With The Dolphins ($194.99).  Yes, there are a number of places to do this in the Caribbean.  Unique to this location is that they are operated by the Underwater Explorers Society (UNEXSO)the first destination dive charter business in the world that now features a dolphinarium (an aquarium in which dolphins are kept and trained for public entertainment).

Easy Activity choices include the typical Glass Bottom Boat tour ($39.99), a 25-minute coastal cruise to Port Lucaya for shopping.  A Brewery, City and Downtown tour goes from Freeport to the Port Lucaya Marketplace, stopping by a perfume factory on the way to the Bahamian Brewery.  A Seafood Culinary Experience ($89.99) lets foodies learn how to make traditional Bahamian seafood delicacies and hit the beach too.

Visitors can also make a day of browsing the straw market right by where their ship docks then spend some time at Senior Frogs or Fat Tuesdays, both within sight of the ship. We did that and had a great day of food, drink and fun all by ourselves, as we see in this photo gallery.