Cruise Line Video Feigns Actual Experience

I believe it is fair to say cruise lines take us to amazing places around the world on ships of all sizes with one or more of the magnificent vessels sure to be a good match for any traveler.  That was not always the case though. Just a few years ago, while rapidly growing in popularity, there were groups of travelers for whom the world of cruise vacations was a foreign land and one they had no interest in visiting.  Today, adventuring wanderers, guidebook fanatics, Minimalists, RV’ers, Campers, Glampers and those who like to linger at one place are finding a home on one cruise line or another.  One of the key reasons for this relatively new interest: cruise lines are doing a better job packaging, crafting and showing potential cruise travelers what they do.  A good example is a flurry of recent YouTube cruise line video releases from Celebrity Cruises.

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Showing potential cruise travelers what they might do at different ports of call, Celebrity Cruises videos released over the past few weeks does a good job of emulating the off-ship experience. More than simply a video account of a shore excursion, the Celebrity series message is clear:  this is what you will see at the places we might take you.

Let’s take a look at a few right now, along with Celebrity’s description of each:

Celebrity Cruises Transpacific Tour Highlights

From modern metropolises to ancient kingdoms; tropical beaches to amazing volcanic landscapes, our Transpacific Shore Excursions take you to some of the world’s most exotic, historic, and culturally-rich destinations.

Celebrity Cruises Panama Canal Tour Highlights

The Panama Canal is a marvel of engineering, but the area is also a sanctuary for wildlife, including sloths, eagles, ocelots and toucans, thanks to a lush rainforest environment and tropical temperatures. You can experience all of the canal’s wonders with our Shore Excursions.

Celebrity Cruises Bermuda Tour Highlights

Whether you seek to unleash your inner explorer at the spectacular Crystal Caves or succumb to the serenity of the crashing turquoise waves in Devil’s Isle, Celebrity’s array of Shore Excursions ensure you experience Bermuda’s incredible beauty and rich culture exactly as you desire.

Celebrity Cruises Hawaii Tour Highlights

From the spectacular cascades of Hilo to the bubbling cauldron of Mt. Kilauea, our array of exciting Hawaii Shore Excursions will immerse you in the stunning beauty and natural wonders of this region.

The effort here is not limited to Celebrity Cruises, other big ship lines have reworked their video offerings too, enabling potential cruise travelers to get a good feel for the tone, focus and commitment of each individual cruise line.   That’s important when trying to decide which cruise line and even which ship is a good fit for each of us; something that should be an ongoing process as cruise lines continue to differentiate themselves from one another.

All of the above is off the ship.  But what about when onboard?  Sister line Azamara Club Cruises new 3-D ship tours work for that very nicely.  See  Forget Studying Deck Plans: Azamara 3DI Is Here for details.

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