Cruise Line Discounts You Might Not Know About

Like car dealers and grocery stores, it seems there is always a ‘sale’ going on at most major cruise lines, and for good reason. There is. Price continues to be a driving reason to book your favorite cruise line now rather than later. While comparing line to line has become more difficult in recent years as cruise lines continue to differentiate themselves from one another, we still do; at least when it comes to price. Looking beyond the front-page website banner ads, television commercials and direct mail offers though, there are some other cruise line discounts available that you might not know about.

Resident Discounts
Many major cruise lines target specific states or geographic regions for a couple reasons. In far in advance of sailing, cruise lines analyze where passengers who have booked so far on any given sailing are located, targeting areas where few are coming from for a discount to encourage booking. Close to sailing, offering a discount to Florida residents for sailings that depart from Florida ports can help fill up ships with passengers who find it easier to sail because they can drive, rather than fly, to the embarkation port.

Discounts For Kids
Like other discounts, this one comes and goes too, in a variety of forms. Look for family-friendly discounts at times when families don’t normally sail like the Fall and Winter. When kids are normally in school, prices for third or fourth guests in a stateroom are at their lowest and availability is at its highest. On the flip side, travel during the popular summer months or any time when kids are normally out of school and the price of third/fourth passengers in a stateroom soars. On some ships and sailings the price of the fourth can even be more than that of the third.

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Cruise lines also promote their version of a travel experience in a number of ways, highlighting life onboard, itineraries, destinations and ships as we see in this new Princess Cruises video all about Island Princess: