Cruise Gear Review: Go Caddy Personal Travel Tote

Knowing we were going ashore a whole lot on our 12-day sailing of new Carnival Breeze, we took a serious look at what we would bring with us from the ship.  It had been a while since we considered other options so when the Go Caddy came along, it was automatically in the running.

A sling pack was a good option as was a backpack or other small travel carrier.  Our choice of an destination-emblazoned bags picked up over the years was another option.  We have so many of those that a spare bedroom has become “the bag room”.

Our practice was to have one (whatever we decided on) to hold everything the two of us needed for the day.  That decision made, someone had to carry it and nobody ever wants to be that person.

Then came an interesting email.`

“The  Go Caddy is a compact travel tote and water bottle holder just the right size to conveniently hold a water bottle, identification, cruise pass (if you are on one), money, passport, camera, cell phone and maps,” said personal travel tote manufacturer GoCaddy in some promotional information that caught our attention.

Nothing really new there, any of our other choices would have worked.  What is unique about the Go Caddy is that each person carries his or her own going-ashore supplies.  I liked that idea and decided to give  Go Caddy a try on our first port of call.

“Today’s traveler can carry their own water where the local water may be unsafe to drink,” verified Go Caddy.







In use, Go Caddy lived up to its claim.  It was easy to use and hardly noticeable, a fear from a brief past use of “fanny packs” that failed to perform well.  Also, with each person equipped to have their own items with them at all times, there is no fumbling through bags pushing someone else’s personal items out of the way to get to what we are looking for.

I think using the Go Caddy brought the first time ever that we have not gone through a security checkpoint and not played the “here is your passport” before and “ok, give me back your passport” game.

Bonus: The Go Caddyuse doesn’t end when the vacation is over. It is also great for walking, hiking, sporting events, the beach, etc. View/buy this TheGo Caddy at