Contractors Like White Star Service, Leave Lunch Box Home

Queen Victoria has sailed off on her 2015 World Voyage, sporting a stunning new look after an intensive 20 day refurbishment at the Blohm & Voss shipyard in Hamburg.  In addition to refreshing existing furnishings, enhancements were made to the outdoor spaces, the ship’s informal Lido restaurant and eight new internet stations were installed on the upper floor of the library.  A total of  215,278 square feet of carpet were replaced in the passenger areas, as well as 3,167 mattresses and 3.75 miles of pipe work insulation. 2,695 gallons of paint were used inside and out to freshen the ship.   To get that done, 2,000 contractors representing thirty different nationalities worked a total of 600,000 man hours around the clock.

Ever wonder where those dry dock workers have lunch?
Curious where they sleep at night?
Those thoughts never crossed my mind until I viewed this interesting video from Cunard Line.

No lunch boxes for these workers.
In a mutually beneficial working partnership between the ship and the shipyard,  throughout the refit Cunard’s shipboard White Star service standards were observed.  To sustain the workforce over its tea-breaks for example, over 317 gallons of soup – served in true Cunard style, with croutons –and 2,000 cookies were consumed daily.  80,000 teas and coffees were consumed over the 20 days.

Treated to White Star Service, the workers also installed new single staterooms; premium real estate for the often-overlooked solo traveler.

“The results of Queen Victoria’s refit are a true testament to Cunard’s ability to respond to passenger input. We are delighted to incorporate their wish for more outdoor space with enhancements to the Upper Grill Terrace and additional areas for sunbathing. We also provided more single staterooms for our single travelers. It’s this commitment to our passengers that keeps Cunard’s 175 year heritage going strong,” commented Rick Meadows, President of Cunard, North America.

In honor of the company’s anniversary, Queen Victoria welcomed her World Voyage passengers aboard with a commemorative flag-raising ceremony at the ship’s mast, performed by the youngest crew member, a 20 year-old deck cadet. That flag will be flown at iconic landmarks during the fleet’s World Voyages then auctioned, with proceeds going to The Prince’s Trust, Cunard’s official charity.

unnamedA volley of fireworks illuminated the sky overhead as Queen Victoria set sail on her world voyage, remodeling complete.

The ship’s first call will be Ponta Delgada in the Azores on 23 January before she sails to the Caribbean, transits the Panama Canal and heads for Hawaii and Australia.