Carnival Pulls Back Curtain, Reveals Secrets

Much of what makes a cruise vacation an attractive travel option is knowing what to expect. Regardless of the cruise line, at some point the big ship casts off and heads out to sea, taking cruise travelers to a variety of ports in a customizable way that has broad appeal.  Want to sit around and do nothing?  Not a problem on a cruise vacation.  Looking for an active, healthy lifestyle vacation? You can do that too.  Generally speaking, this is nothing new. The individual elements of what goes into making a ‘great cruise’, differ for each of us but add up to a an undeniably great travel experience.  But what about those details: the otherwise secret parts of a cruise experience that we don’t know all the details of?

Occasionally, we get requests for recipes, in-depth information about onboard programming, services, pricing, and about every other part of cruising.  Those who ask ‘absolutely love’ a certain menu item or ‘really want to know’ how a cruise line comes up with some unique offering.  Answering that call, Carnival Cruise Lines is launching a fun and engaging new “How To” video series to give viewers an inside look at some of what they do.

“These new ‘How To’ videos will share some of our most popular recipes and experiences for people to re-create at home in simple, easy-to-follow steps,” – Jim Berra, Carnival’s chief marketing officer.

Going deep into the line’s signature recipes the new video series will include fun-filled tips, special guests and vacation-inspired ideas that extend some of the most popular elements of the Carnival vacation experience to computer screens, tablets and mobile devices everywhere.

Starting with one of the most talked-about features of today’s Carnival Cruise, the first segment in the biweekly series is “How to Make a Texas-Style Burger”, inspired by Carnival’s close relationship with the Lone Star state and features best-selling author, restaurateur, Carnival partner and Food Network personality Guy Fieri.

Guy shows viewers how to create a mouthwatering, fresh-off-the-grill Texas-Style Burger with its double-patty burger, roasted green chili salsa and tortilla strips that can be special-ordered aboard the Texas-based Carnival Triumph, as well as Carnival Freedom, once that ship repositions to Galveston in February 2015.  (See above)

Upcoming “How To” videos will show viewers how to master iconic recipes from the popular BlueIguana Cantina, deliciously mixed cocktails from the vintage-themed cocktail “pharmacy” Alchemy Bar, and how to create the line’s legendary towel animals.

They may not reveal all their secrets and that’s ok; magic is not nearly as much fun if we know the trick.