Accuracy Check: Viking Top Of Cologne Tour

It was billed as a privileged access tour and indeed it was.

Our Top of Cologne tour was actually the second of the day. Steps from our Viking Longship, we explored the highlights on a walking tour earlier in the day.  In the afternoon, we went up the same elevator used by the workmen that continually perform maintenance on the structure and probably always will.

That elevator took us up high over the city. Continuing to explore through narrow passageways and up very tight spiral staircases. our efforts were rewarded with a magnificent view of the city below.

This tour: a solid win.

This will also be the subject of an Exposure Photo Storybook when we return home and have more bandwidth to work with.

The tour description:

On this backstage tour of a lifetime, head up to the roof of Cologne’s astonishing cathedral with a local guide who is also part of the Dom’s excavation and restoration crew. Start by ascending the outside wall on the same lift used by the restoration crew.

Entering the very ceiling of the cathedral through a rooftop door, you will see the vast tower spaces and massive iron structures holding up the roof, and visit the restoration workshops. Then venture onto the roof itself for incredible, up-close views of the cathedral’s Gothic architecture. Beyond, gaze out over the old-world rooftops and waters of the Rhine far beneath.

Accuracy Check: Photos tell the story
Also Accurate: Viking video Cologne Cathedral: Epitome Of Gothic Grandeur- begins with a history of the structure and what went into it then very quickly takes Vikings Karine Hagan up top where we went, along with Viking’s award-winning photo and video crews.



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