Why Choose The Holland America Alaska Experience?

Worldwide security concerns have put international travel plans on hold for many, As a result, the familiar Caribbean is looking better than ever to North Americans.  The ability to drive rather than fly to the ship, is attractive.  New ports of call bring a different Caribbean experience. Increasingly diverse itineraries are causing travelers formerly bored with the Caribbean to take another look. Equally safe Alaska is looking better than ever too for many of the same reasons.  But while most major cruise lines have a substantial presence in the Caribbean, Alaska is a different story.  Most cruise lines have a ship or two Alaska-bound to satisfy the demand of their loyal past guests.  Holland America and sister line Princess Cruises have more ships in Alaska, sending more cruise travelers there than all others combined.  That huge presence alone is reason enough to book with either line but there are some specific, bona fide reasons to choose the Holland America Alaska experience over all others.

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