We Were The Only Ship In Grand Cayman

The incident just seems so very worthy of a post; we were the only ship in Grand Cayman. We’re sailing along on Carnival Breeze, the newest of new builds for Carnival Cruise Lines, minding our own business. We had visited Jamaica and Grand Cayman on our way to Cozumel for a Carnival LIVE performance of legendary rock band Styx.   It was hard to believe our eyes but there it was: an empty Grand Cayman as we pulled in.

Grand Cayman - 045

Grand Cayman is an odd port of call in the Caribbean, albeit a beautiful one. There is no dock so cruise travelers are shuttled back and forth from the shore in island-provided tender boats, all day long.   We have seen 7 ships docked in Grand Cayman before, swarming the popular destination with people. That’s if we can make the port of call; angry currents surrounding the island can often force cruise ship Captain’s to sail right on by.   Today was different. Today there was just one ship.

Grand Cayman - 068

With no solid plans for what to do at Grand Cayman, we fell into one of my favorite things to do at any port: get off the ship and have lunch. It seems there is always a quaint place at every port of call, usually within walking distance. Cayman Cabana Oceanside Restobar is one of those places.


Grand Cayman - 074 The place is easy enough to find. Just turn left out of the cruise terminal; Cayman Cabana Oceanside Restobar is the first restaurant visitors come to. But today, instead of a wait for a table, we had our choice; what with there being just one ship in port.

Grand Cayman - 026

We reacted to the unswarmed Grand Cayman in a number of ways. Some just took really wide steps when walking, used to making it from place to place in a mob of people. At restaurants, pick your table; there are plenty.

Grand Cayman - 065

I asked a security guard if this happens much as I had never seen just one ship in port, ever. “It’s a fluke,” I was told “Just enjoy it.” And indeed we did at a lovely lunch with the ocean breeze blowing in and Carnival Breeze parked in the background.

Grand Cayman - 067

Others took advantage of our good parking fortune by shopping without bumping into people, perhaps getting a bit better deal with merchants who had more time to barter.  Some stopped at places where free WiFi provided to lure tourists into restaurants and bars.


Grand Cayman - 031

With miles of beaches, watersports and more, Grand Cayman is set up for many ships to visit. The intent of this post is not to scare travelers off of going ashore when they visit and multiple ships are in port.

Grand Cayman - 064

On the other hand, we have a number of features here on Carnival Breeze that also make for a good day of travel.   It was nice to know that I could return to the ship, order room service, do something entertaining or nothing at all.   I chose a little of both, as I can at every port of call, not just when we are the only ship in Grand Cayman.


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