We Are Vikings, On Our Way To France

We’re on our way across the Atlantic for a sailing of  Viking River Cruises themed Portraits of Southern France.  We first fly from Orlando to Atlanta then on to the Netherlands, stopping briefly in Amsterdam for a flight to Marseilles, France.  We’ll overnight in Marseilles then turn ourselves over to Viking the next morning for a transfer to Avignon where we’ll board the Viking Longship Viking Hermod.

There, we’ll sail along France’s scenic Saône and Rhône Rivers past beautiful French countryside, exploring the famed region of Burgundy and the colorful fields of Provence.  If we seem a bit taken by Viking River Cruises, this itinerary looks to be typical of why

Come along with us from leaving home to returning and everything in-between right here.  We’ll be posting live accounts of what happened along the way In fact, here is a handy guide with links to where we can be found and followed:

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Chris is on location this week, sponsored by Viking River Cruise touring in Europe by river.  As always, Chris provides the details to let readers decide what resonates (or not) with them in an unbiased, factual manner.