Viking Star: A Ship Built For Me, Maybe You

I suppose the same could be said about a number of cruise ships; ‘It’s like they had me in mind’ when being designed. Indeed, we have used this space to highlight features on a number of ships we believe are of interest to readers. Walking around Viking Star, talking with passengers aboard and examining interesting features; we have felt right at home here. That was not surprising; we knew in advance that Viking Star’s tasty design came from the same flavor palette as the Viking Longships we have come to know and love. What took a couple days on board to sink in, perhaps the most outstanding feature of the ship; now that’s an entirely different story.

Viking Star Tour - 150

On every other ship we have ever sailed, there have been features or attractions that went unused. I never really thought all that much about it, just that we did not care for those areas and activities. I have never climbed a rock wall, surfed on board, walked a ropes course, played roulette or had my drink mixed by a robot. We briefly used an onboard children’s program but Whitney telling me “those kids are dumb dad” was the end of that. Nightly entertainment I can skip with ease. Late dinnertime has no place in my world.

Viking Star Tour - 083



I realized, in reality there is an increasing percentage of all other cruise ships that I do not need, use or enjoy.


Viking Star Tour - 176


I have no negative feelings about those features others find popular; they are just not of interest to me. Walking around Viking Star, talking to guests who have been on the ship for weeks or just considering any comfortable public space, I realized: there is not one part of this ship that would go unused if sailing a longer voyage. We are here for three days, but I absolutely could see sailing on this ship for months.


Viking Star Tour - 230


Other staterooms and crew-only areas apart; this ship was designed for me…and perhaps you…or maybe not. Families with tiny children are out; there is little to do here for them. Those who need to be amused too, forget it; no one is going to hold your hand and deliver enjoyment on a silver platter. Your brain will be required here, at least to determine what you will and will not be interested in; choosing from a variety of enriching options on board and off.


Viking Star Tour - 080


Like to read a good book in a comfortable space? Viking Star has that along with a library that weaves its way through the ship. That’s as opposed to a library that is secluded in one tiny space.   Enjoy the art of conversation with other people like yourself? This ship is the place to do that, in comfort, where a well-run hotel operation will have someone anticipating your needs.


Viking Star Tour - 019

If travel via comfortable cruise ship to see interesting destinations with other like-minded people you will feel at home with makes for a good experience, Viking Star is the ship for you…and me.  We would have a good time together here.


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