TSA Expands PreCheck To International Flights And We Loved It

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has had great results from those using it’s PreCheck expedited screening program with domestic airlines.  So good are the results that the program is being expanded to international airlines with Air Canada becoming the first to offer the popular program.  That’s great news for international travelers who enjoy PreCheck when flying around or out of the United States but are relegated to the same long line with everyone else when the return.

The TSA PreCheck program allows passengers to leave on shoes, belts and light jackets.  Liquids and electronics can stay in luggage too.  Frequent air travelers are brought into PreCheck via frequently-used airlines participating in the program or by joining one of the Customs and Border Protection’s expedited entry programs, Global Entry, Nexus and Sentri.  We joined Global Entry ($85 for five years) and have seriously enjoyed walking past hundreds of travelers when returning to the United States, pausing briefly to enter the U.S. via conveniently located kiosks.

On a recent entry off a European Viking River Cruise, we walked right by the long line of fellow travelers waiting in line in the customs hall.

Depending on which international carriers participate, this expansion can add up to more time saving.  Air Canada is the first and a good test choice; they fly to more points to the U.S. than any other foreign carrier. Currently serving 49 U.S. airports, Air Canada passengers will be able to PreCheck at 41 of them initially but only if use printed boarding passes available at the airport. The near future will bring the ability to print boarding passes at home or use the Air Canada app.

Not sure if joining TSA  PreCheck is worth it?  This video might help with that decision for domestic travelers but as the TSA expands PreCheck to include international travelers as well, joining is a no brainer.