Travel Gear Review: The Comfortable Healthy Back Bag

Going ashore at the destinations visited by cruise lines, it’s always a good idea to bring along some essentials.  Commonly suggested everywhere; bottled water, identification, sunscreen, local currency and maybe some healthy snacks.  Other items to remember might be backup battery power, a camera, guidebook, map and more.  Finding the right bag to transport these items can be tricky.  Designer bags scream “steal me”. Oversized bags or backpacks are just too big.  What we need is a flexible bag that is easy to carry, regardless of what we bring and where we are going. Basically, we have been looking for a bag for everybody.  Tested on our sailing of Viking Ocean Cruises new Viking Sea, we may have found it.

The Healthy Back Bag Company came about as a matter of need.    Back surgery patient Margery Gaffin came up with the idea of a one shoulder bag, contoured to the body to feel lighter and more comfortable. Margery’s husband, Irwin, had been designing high quality leather bags for celebrities and multi-million dollar companies. So Margery suggested to Irwin that they create the most comfortable bag in the world…a bag that would not give you neck aches or a sore lower back. A bag that would be of the highest quality in terms of craftsmanship and material.

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The result of that effort is the Healthy Back Bag’s teardrop shape that distributes weight along the length of the back rather than pulling from one point on the shoulder. The more places a bag touches the body when it is worn, the lighter it feels thus encouraging good posture. There are no rigid bits in or around The Healthy Back Bag, it molds to the shape of the body, which ensures that the bag contours to the back however a person chooses to wear it.


Pula Croatia With Viking Sea - 33


Whitney took our sample bag everywhere we went, adjusting the contents for the destination.  She was able to capture images of the places we visited along the way without setting the bag down in an unfamiliar environment.  A hidden inside pocket is good for valuables.  Priced between $55 and $70 depending on which model is chosen,  the Healthy Back Bag compares favorably to a good backpack as well.   Actually, the whole ‘having a healthy back’ thing was not an issue for Whitney, she just liked that it was comfortable.

See more at The Healthy Back Bag Company where these products can be bought direct from the manufacturer with free shipping on orders of $50 or more.  Also check Amazon where a quick look brought a bunch of choices there as well.

This video explains the science behind the product