Travel Gear Review: Another Product For Truly Forgetful People Like Me

Coming back to the real world after a fabulous cruise vacation, where we parked the car at the airport can be remembered a number of ways.  Many travelers take a photo of the row, level or other sign that will help guide them to that parking place before the long drive home.  Others use a device like the ZUS USB Car Charger, reviewed not long ago.  That device turns the vehicle into a homing beacon, picked up by an iPhone app that guides users to its location.  Only one problem: Those who forget they have it end up wandering around parking lots like I did at Port Everglades not long ago, on multiple occasions.  Still, I eventually found that rental car each time and was thinking about the ZUS USB Car Charger on the flight home.

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First I felt bad that I had forgotten the handy device and another marvelous opportunity to test it again in real life.  Then I remembered it was in Lisa’s car back home so I didn’t feel so bad about it.

UPDATE to ZUS USB Car Charger review:  Frequent travelers might want two of these; one for the personal car left behind at home, one for the rental car at the destination.

When I was researching that device as it was being pushed to the limit at the Chris Cruises Travel Gear Testing Lab (Lisa’s purse), I wondered why the manufacturer offered the product for sale in packs of 1, 2 or 5.  Now I know.  While memory is a concern, I suppose it could be worse. Right now I am a 2. By the (totally scientific) ZUS USB Car Charger scale, I could be a 5.

In a way though, talking about finding the car is jumping over another potential roadblock to travel by car: finding your keys.

When we arrive at the port or airport, I put the keys to the car in the same safe and secure place every time.   I know I won’t be needing or thinking of them again until it’s time for the trek home. Back home, I don’t really drive all that much and the odds of me being late for work are slim since the office is in our home.  Lisa has a real job, does need to be on time and every once in awhile can’t find her car keys. Enter the iHere Rechargeable Bluetooth Key Finder that helps locate and keep track of personal belongings including your keys and phone.

Screenshot 2016-03-20 05.21.42

The iHere Rechargeable Bluetooth Key Finder ($19.99)* is a rechargeable device that goes on a key ring (the one with the car keys on it) and pairs with your iPhone via an easy to use iPhone App (Android too). Also a remote control for your smartphone camera, when in a hurry or running late, users can find their lost item (will also attach to small children) with just 1 click on the phone making a rather hard to miss signal emit from the lost item.  Unlike similar devices, each charge lasts up to several weeks so there’s no need to change batteries, eliminating that possible memory fail as well.

Boasting a 75-ft range and a volume of up to 85 dB (thats loud)(like a train whistle at 500 ft), the the iHere Rechargeable Bluetooth Key Finder‘s volume exceeds most other key finders to ensure an easy search with just one click. Also, additional functionalities launched in future app updates will be free. Probably.  Odds are if the iHere Rechargeable Bluetooth Key Finder gains the ability to remind me what my car looks like too, that will be extra.



*$15.99 on Amazon which I seem to have become hopelessly addicted to.

Cover- Flickr user Tim Green