Tiny Cruise Ship To Visit Costa Rica, Panama

Un-Cruise Adventures sails a fleet of  tiny cruise ships that carry 22-88 guests on adventure-focused itineraries to the waters of Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico and other interesting places. Recently Un-Cruise Adventures announced an expansion to Costa Rica and Panama with weeklong adventure sailings beginning in October 2016.

“We’re exploring further south along the West Coast of the Americas,” said Un-Cruise Adventures Captain/CEO* Dan Blanchard in a press release, adding “Costa Rica and Panama are ripe with adventure opportunities, wildlife and natural beauty.”

Un-Cruise Adventures photo

Un-Cruise Adventures photo

On board Un-Cruise Adventures tiny cruise ship Safari Voyager, adventure sailings will depart from San José, Costa Rica or Panama City, Panama, and include a full transit of the Panama Canal, water sports adventures, jungle explorations, wildlife encounters and some island time.


Un-Cruise Adventures photo

What Does “Adventure Cruise” Mean?
Carrying water sports equipment and a kayak launching platform, Safari Voyager’s mere 64 guests can choose to enjoy included kayaking, snorkeling, skiff excursions and paddle boarding. Along for the ride,  expedition guides and local experts lead excursions in water and ashore often searching for wildlife.


Un-Cruise Adventures photo

Adventure activities are an included focus of the trip, examples include:

  • Explore mangroves of Golfo Dulce by skiff or kayak.
  • Watch for sloths on a jungle hike in Manuel Antonio National Park.
  • Relax and snorkel on the palm-lined beach of Isla Tortuga.
  • Cruise around the small islands in the Gulf of Panama.
  • Take a jungle hike in Corcovado National Park keeping eyes peeled for monkeys, anteaters and birds.

Read All About It
A new 24-page Costa Rica/Panama and Galápagos brochure is posted online and hard copies may be ordered on the company’s website. Information on trip extensions and adventure activities are included in the brochure.


Un-Cruise Adventures photo

Inclusive Pricing
Starting at $2,995 per person, the inclusive Un-Cruise Adventures experience includes all activities; meals; wine, premium spirits and microbrews; exercise equipment and a massage for wellness; transfers; and all port charges, taxes and fees.

Booking Information
To book or to request additional information, contact your travel agent or Un-Cruise Adventures at 888-862-8881 or sales@un-cruise.com.

About Un-Cruise Adventures
Un-Cruise Adventures, under the parent company of InnerSea Discoveries Alaska Inc., is a member of Trusted Adventures, dedicated to the highest standards of small-group travel and to giving back to the places visited.

*Interesting side note:  How often do we read of a cruise line executive with the title ‘Captain and CEO’ ? I like that idea, have met Blanchard and let me tell you; the title fits.   Think about it: Have a problem on your sailing?  No need to write a letter; the CEO is driving the boat!

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