The 12 Days Of Viking Christmas Starts Today With A Special #TravelSkills Chat At Noon

For those who might have lost a bit of the holiday spirit over the years and want to get it back, we have a great idea: European Christmas Market. We did that the last two years with Viking River Cruises, getting back the holiday spirit that seemed to be a bit elusive in the past.  Today, we bring back a reader favorite, the 12 Days Of Viking Christmas, for a couple reasons.  First, there is what looks to be a wondeful and engaging Twitter chat coming up at Noon Eastern time as Viking River Cruises joins in on Friday’s #TravelSkills, kicking off this year’s #VikingSocial cruise .  Also, there are still some sailings with space available that last-minute humbugs can jump on and also get some of that spirit back, if not redefine what holiday spirit is all about.

Budapest Christmas 2013 - 027


Getting ready for our first Viking Christmas Markets adventure, we scoured everything we know of that stretch of the river and what we will see; the iconic landmarks, out of the way places, the marvelous food, drink and more .  The result, neatly divided into 12 installments, will cover everything from planning to being there.   Check each day for a new post as we make our way through the 12 Days Of Viking Christmas.

Salzburg Christmas - 444


Number one on the planning list was clothing.  We live in Florida, a land where we don’t normally go outside when the temperature drops below 50°F. Viking’s pre-cruise advice:  Dress in layers, bring waterproof shoes and a jacket, etc proved exactly right for our last Christmas Markets sailing.  Well-equipped for outside temperatures, Lisa is adding sweater sets to tweak her winter river cruise wardrobe; something warm and layer-qualified for wearing on and off ship.

Vienna Christmas 2013 - 57

Before we get too far down the road on this ‘getting ready for cold weather’ let’s remember; Chris came from Kansas to Florida about 10 years ago and brought his cold-weather gear with him.  We are loaded on that sort of clothing and will bring big winter coats, warm gloves and hats.  Adding to our ensemble; winter boots and sweat clothes just for hanging around our cabin on the ship.  Once out of our heated-floor bathroom, those should come in handy.

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