Ten Paranoid Travel Health Tips

One of the few down sides to seeing amazing places around the world is that they are popular. That popularity brings travelers from all over the planet to see them and with them come germs from who knows where.  Major communicable diseases aside (not much of a chance) common cold and flu germs are easy to pick up.  Those hitchhikers can ruin an otherwise wonderful trip really fast.  Whatever you have planned, odds are those plans do not include being sick.  Let’s avoid that with these easy travel health tips.


Travel Health Tips


  1. Use Good Hand Sanitizer All The Time– We like GermBloc for this use as it is not alcohol-based and skin-drying.
  2. Blow It Away- If overhead controls allow direction of airflow, point it away from you to blow airborne germs on to someone else.  This is survival. If someone is hacking and coughing, that’s the direction you want to try for.  I have absolutely no scientific evidence to prove that this works.  But it does.
  3. Carry Lysol Wipes- Wipe down those airline seats, armrests, tray tables and seat backs.
  4. Wash Your Hands is king among common travel health tips.  Do that whenever possible and do it right.
  5. Bring Cheap Spa Sandals to go to the aircraft lavatory which can get pretty disgusting to walk on.   Use a hand towel to open the door on the way out too then ditch it before the door closes
  6. Burn Your Clothes- By the time travelers get to their destination/home they may have bumped up against and/or made contact with an untold number of people from anywhere in the world.  Use the hotel/ship laundry service to immediately clean those clothes on arrival.  At home, strip and hit the showers.
  7. Be Nosy- We swear by Nozin Nasal Sanitizer– Nozin has to be bought online and is well worth the trouble.  Here’s the science on it.
  8. Poke Those Buttons- In elevators (germ cages), use the edge of your hotel/cruise ship room card to select floors.  Better yet, stay away from elevators and other small spaces.
  9. Wait To Go Ashore– The mob of people wanting to get off the ship first create a wonderful springboard for germs do a swan dive, right down on to you.
  10. Skip The Buffets There are just too many chances to pick up someone else’s germs, cold, kooties.

Here are more Travel Health Tips: