Tactile Viking Star, Designed To Go Places

Our most important goal here is to match travelers with the right cruise line, ship, itinerary and accommodations. Get all four of those basic variables right and the odds of enjoying a quality travel experience are quite favorable. Going further, detailing the onboard experience, defining typical passengers we might encounter and more can bring a match made in heaven.   We have seen this approach work time and time again, for just about every cruise line that offers a consistent product. Still, every once in a while a ship comes along that screams to be examined deeper. In a way, Viking Star is one of those ships. Simultaneously, Viking Star is unlike any other ship in the ocean…and that seems to be just the way Viking wants it.

Viking Star Exterior Spaces - 167

In The Ocean As On The River

The name ‘Viking’ evokes a good feeling here at ChrisCruises.com, derived primarily from our experiences on Viking river cruises. In a way, Viking ocean cruises came with a bit of pre-sold credit without even seeing new Viking Star. Now on board the ship looks to be all it was advertised as, going back to the announcement of the new cruise line at a gala Beverly Hills event.   At the time, Viking Chairman Torstein Hagan set a clear goal for the new effort.

“There is a hole in the market somebody should fill,’ said Hagen “I feel we invented modern river cruising. Now I hope we can revive the destination part of ocean cruising.”

That vision has been made reality with a variety of textures, design elements and unique spaces that we have not seen on any other ship.   Start with tactile Viking Star’s exterior spaces and the difference is clear. Very present: open deck space with wraparound/walk around ability enabled for travelers who enjoy that feature. But here is where Viking Star goes further.

Viking Star Exterior Spaces - 022

Destination Focused?  Might As Well Go There In Style, Don’t You Think

Indeed, Viking Star and upcoming sister ships are sized right for a destination focused ocean cruise line.  This is not new ground to cover for Viking, already deep into destinations with their Viking longships river cruise options.  Still, more than a nicely-sized ship, what puts Viking Star over the top and into a category all its own are design elements of the ship itself.

Take a walk around tactile Viking Star on an outer deck and we see living room style arrangements of deck chairs, tables, chaise lounges and other typical deck furnishings. Mixed in, a variety of unique design elements ranging from rock sculptures to interesting potted grasses, abundant outdoor dining spaces and more. Viking has moved the inside experience outside, in a number of ways.

Viking Star Exterior Spaces - 227

What looks to be normally inside exercise equipment is on deck. Attractive and comfortable lounge chairs featuring a variety of textile elements sit exposed to the elements, begging passersby to stop dead in their tracks and enjoy the day, right there.

Viking Star Exterior Spaces - 022

Walking around, I weave through these areas, enjoying a more interesting time on deck. Add people, like-minded travelers with a similar background and these spaces come to life.  It’s the nicely curated mix of tactile elements that elevates this part of the ship to a new, different level that is unlike any other ship sailing.   We see that same focus inside Viking Star in an even more pronounced way.  That’s next as we continue to work through the process of defining Viking Star.

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