Star Clippers Attention To Detail: On And Off The Ship

The Star Clipper experience we are working through on our Windward Islands itinerary has some common elements, core components of what they do that keeps passengers coming back year after year.  Details in the culinary department make each meal an event.  Stateroom stewards customize their services for each guest.  Marine operations has sailors raising sails with precision timing.  No detail is overlooked, including photo opportunities for passengers on board.

We were told that the end of our day on the island of St Kitts, what Star Clippers calls a Photo Tender opportunity would take place, shortly before sunset.  This is where passengers could board tender boats, head out to sea then watch as all of Royal Clipper’s sails were raised.  It is a sight that draws the attention of others who live on or are visiting the ports of call on our itinerary, every time we arrive.

Prior to the event, passengers (including myself) wondered how they could do that; have all sails raised but not sail off without us.  “Surely the tender boats can not keep up with Royal Clipper under full sail,” said one puzzled passenger.  “Maybe the set all the sails then put the ship’s engine in reverse to hold it in place,” pondered another.  As it turns out, it was the flexibility of the sails combined with some pretty tricky seamanship that allowed Royal Clipper to have all her glorious sails unfurled but move slowly enough that tender boats could outrun and circle around her.

This sampling of photos shows the variety of angles afforded us as well as the changing silhouette of the ship as the sun set.   It’s just one example of Star Clippers attention to detail.

Photos- Chris Owen