Share Future Travel Before You Get There With New App

Until now, sharing travel has been limited by time.  On Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and more we share where we’ve been in the past or, at best, where we are right now.  A new app proposes to change all that. Allowing us to share future travel before we get there, Flypside is breaking into the forward facing timeline market.

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What if we were able to look ahead to share where we will be in the future and when we will be there?   What if we could make a local connection with like minded individuals while we were traveling to make our experiences more authentic?   Flypside is a new smartphone app that hopes to be the Facebook of the future.  While that might be a lofty goal, the angle this app has on travel is indeed unique.

This video explains just how Flypside works but the new term to know is “Flyps”. Timeline posts are called Flyps and they tell other users where you’re going to be, for how long and what you’re interested in doing when you get there.

Share Future Travel As Your Future Self

I suppose the obvious question would be:  Who do I want to be in the future?

Meeting those we will connect with in advance, we could be just about any person we can dream of. You could easily test drive the person you’re working on being, just to see how the new better you feels in real life.

So, with that in mind, I’m thinking I should update my Facebook profile photo to this one. If anyone notices a difference I’ll just say “I shaved.”



Flickr photo- andervinny