Seabourn UNESCO Partnership To Foster Appreciation, Understanding

We seem to be finding that the smaller the ship, the more destination focused the passenger when it comes to cruise travel, and rightfully so.  Expedition ships blazed the trail with burly adventure travelers practically strapped to the deck as standard accommodations.  They wanted to get up close and personal via zodiac with the things those hearty nomads like to wrestle with, howling at the moon in their call of the wild sort of way.  Yes, they were/are superior human beings capable of great feats.

Good for them.  Happy to make their acquaintance.

Now lets move along to luxury lines where the well-traveled think their way through destinations in much the same curious spirit as the enlightened of yesteryear, appreciating the places we today call UNESCO World Heritage sites. These are places so very special that the United Nations has deemed them protected areas, to be cherished for generations to come.

“…we are committed to providing our guests with a deeper appreciation and understanding of the many World Heritage sites we visit around the world and the important work UNESCO is doing.”- Seabourn President Richard D. Meadows.

We Respect The Seabourn UNESCO Commitment
We have been fortunate enough to be exposed to these marvelous places via cruise lines that care, and know their value.  The ancient ruins of Chichen Itza came to us via Holland America Line on a grueling 12 hour shore excursion, that all who attended agreed was a lifetime-quality experience.  On Viking River Cruises we stopped at or passed by 47 UNESCO-tagged sites on a Grand European Tour from Budapest to Amsterdam, let alone a half dozen upon arrival.  Azamara Club Cruises seems to design itineraries around UNESCO World Heritage Sites, with other locations secondary. It’s no surprise that ultra-luxury, small-ship cruise operator Seabourn has signed an agreement with UNESCO in a unique alliance to help protect World Heritage.

Taking Steps To Insure Culture For Future Generations
Created to foster wider support and understanding in the travel industry for UNESCO’s mission, $1million has been committed for the Seabourn UNESCO partnership as part of this multi-year agreement.   Their bold mission: Helping UNESCO identify, safeguard and promote unique cultural and natural features around the world deemed to possess universal value for all humankind.

  • For Seabourn passengers aboard their intimate, all-suite ships, the experience will be enhanced by deeper insight and behind-the-scenes information about current and future World Heritage sites and projects.
  • Onboard, speakers with special knowledge about World Heritage will sail as a part of the line’s Seabourn Conversations enrichment and entertainment program.
  • Making a firm commitment,  fares for Seabourn optional excursions that include UNESCO World Heritage Sites will include a  donation to UNESCO’s World Heritage Fund.
  • Seabourn will also create special World Heritage Discovery Tours at a number of ports worldwide, with exclusive enhanced content on World Heritage.

Seabourn A Good Match For The Well-Traveled
Seabourn shares with its guests a genuine passion for exploring the world’s most exceptional destinations. Year after year, the company provides its guests opportunities to experience one-of-a-kind treasures that share a common attribute – they are all designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Since its founding, Seabourn has facilitated visits to hundreds of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and currently includes over 150 designated sites in its itineraries. Now it will also help to support UNESCO’s efforts to expand, promote and preserve these precious global resources for future generations of travelers.

 Here is more on the Seabourn UNESCO commitment: