Seabourn: Shopping With Chefs In Saigon

When it was announced on board Seabourn Sojourn that we would sail up the Mekong river to visit Saigon, I did not think all that much about it.  Just one of those little overlooked details that, while small, can add up to some of the best travel experiences ever.  Such was the case as we left the South China Sea and made our way to Saigon.  Enjoyed: the usual river traffic one might expect to see as farmers, merchants and more use the same river to transport goods as they have for centuries.

Then we went shopping with the chefs and it was quite clear that while we were shopping at a market that began more than half a century ago, this was no ordinary shopping trip.

A major attraction on any Seabourn cruise, Shopping With The Chefs takes passengers off the ship and into city markets to source raw ingredients for something they will make back on board. That’s the definition of the Seabourn signature event.  In practice, shopping in a local market with chefs from the ship connects the destinations we visit in a unique way.  Rather than passively walking by a colorful city market, passengers make a direct connection that goes beyond a keepsake photo…but photos we have to share.  The sights, sounds and smells one encounters in these places is something to be experienced first hand.


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