Seabourn Food And Wine Instagram Program Guide

Beginning shortly, the Seabourn Food And Wine Cruise will sail away on Seabourn Sojourn for a 7-night Taste Of The Mediterranean journey. On board, well-traveled Seabourn Guests will have a choice of 39 scheduled events specific to the Food and Wine cruise content.  That’s a thick layer of experiential travel added on top of an already-rich base experience; what Seabourn does on each and every sailing.

We have been talking about it since the last Seabourn Food And Wine Cruise, same ship but different itinerary, ever since that legendary sailing.  Now it’s time to get down to the details.


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Readers following along live via Instagram will want to mark their calendars for what looks to be another epic Food and Wine-oriented event at sea.  Remember, times listed here are ship times.  In Greece, that’s seven hours ahead of Eastern time with Italian and French ports six hours ahead of Eastern time.

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Instagram Program Guide: All Events Named, Numbered And Timed

To help with planning, here is the complete program guide showing the day and time of each event

Flickr photo - Blanca

Flickr photo – Blanca


1- 4:00 pm – Greek Themed Sail-Away, Poolside*
Start your cruise off as we bid farewell to Athens. Enjoy some local Greek specialties and meet the culinary team that will be creating all of the magic in the kitchen.

2- 6:00 pm – Greek Wine Lecture, Grand Salon
There’s a whole lot more to Greek wines than just Retsina. Join our Guest Sommelier Sebastian for an insight into the wines of Greece.

3- 7:00 pm – Taste of Greece Dinner, Colonnade
Traditional Greek dishes are served in the relaxed atmosphere of the Colonnade.

4- 11:00 pm – Ouzo Tasting, Observation Lounge
Our Guest Sommelier Sebastian invites you to sample
some of this famous Greek liqueur. As the Greeks say; Yamas, or cheers!


Flickr photo - Nikos Moumouris

Flickr photo – Nikos Moumouris



5- 12:00 nn – Greek Barbecue – Patio Grill*
Enjoy a casual barbecue featuring some Greek delicacies.

6- 1:30 pm – “I Milli” Greek Dance Performance – Poolside
You won’t want to miss this authentic show of traditional dances performed by Monemvasia’s own I Milli (the windmills) Dance Troupe.

7- 3:00 pm – Wine Tasting Seminar, Restaurant 2
Our Sommelier Sebastian introduces you to the wines of France and California in this 3 part series wine tasting event. Pre-registration at Guest Services is required as space is limited.

8- 4:00 pm – Baklava Making Demonstration – Grand Salon
Our chefs teach you how to make this delicious Greek dessert.

9- 6:00 pm – Olive Oil Tasting, Observation Lounge
Sample several types of olive oils, olives and other Mediterranean tapas along with your favorite cocktail.

10- 7:00 pm – Food Bazaar Dinner, Colonnade
The best of street food comes to the Colonnade. Choose from a wide variety of simple and fresh dishes from around the world.


5- Livorno - 0055- Livorno - 005


11- 11:00 am – Celebrity Chef Giuseppe Argentino’s Cooking Demonstration, The Grand Salon
Celebrity Chef Giuseppe Argentino shares some of his favorite recipes from the classic Italian kitchen in this cooking demonstration.

12- 12:00 nn – Culinary Trivia, The Club
Handre, Sophie and our Culinary Team test your culinary knowledge in this fun and interactive trivia session based on everything culinary. Prizes to be won for the team with the most correct answers.

13- 12:00 nn – Mediterranean Galley Market Lunch, The Restaurant
Our culinary team invites you to this Seabourn signature event where we welcome you into the galley to sample a wide range of delicacies.

14- 2:00 pm – A Conversation with SAVEUR Editor in Chief Adam Sachs – Grand Salon
SAVEUR’s Editor Adam Sachs leads an informal conversation about the differences and similarities of the many flavors that make up Mediterranean cuisine.

15- 3:00 pm – Wine Tasting Seminar, Restaurant 2
Our Sommelier Sebastian introduces you to the wines of Italy in this 3 part series wine tasting event. Pre-registration at Guest Services is required as space is limited.

16- 5:00 pm – Italian Wine Lecture – Grand Salon
Learn everything you ever wanted to know about the wines of Italy. Our Guest Sommelier Sebastian takes you through the wine making regions and all of the varieties of Italian Wine.

17- 7:00 pm – “A Taste of Seabourn” Chefs’ Dinner, The Restaurant
Our team of chefs has created a delightful menu featuring the most popular Seabourn culinary creations.

18-11:00 pm – Grappa Tasting, Observation Lounge
Sip and savor some of the varieties of this classic Italian afterdinner liqueur.


Flickr photo- Jimmy Harris

Flickr photo- Jimmy Harris

19- 12:00 nn – Local Market Pasta Lunch with Fresh Pesto, The Colonnade & The Patio Grill
Enjoy fresh pasta dishes accompanied by freshly made pesto. Musical accompaniment by local mandolin players to round out the experience.

20- 3:00 pm – Wine Tasting Seminar, Restaurant 2
This last in a 3 part series wine tasting event features tastings of Champagne, dessert and port wines. Pre-registration at Guest Services is required as space is limited.

21- 5:00 pm – Limoncello Sail-Away Event, Sky Bar*
Learn how this Sorrento specialty beverage is made and enjoy some samples as we set sail.

22- 7:00 pm – Pizza & Calzone Dinner, Patio Grill*
World Champion Pizza Maker Valentino Libro prepares authentic pizza and calzones right before your very eyes. It doesn’t get any more authentic than this!




23- 9:00 am, 10:00 am & 11:00 am – Shopping with the Chefs
Our team of chefs takes you shopping at one of Civitavecchia’s markets. Please register at Guest Services as space is limited.

24- 5:00 pm – Italian Aperitif Tasting, Sky Bar*
Sample some delicious Italian aperitifs with our bar team.

25- 6:30 pm – Officers on Deck Event, Poolside*
Join the ship’s officers on deck for epicurean delights, cocktails and conversation.

26- 7:00 pm – Celebrity Chef Giuseppe Argentino’s Dinner Menu, The Restaurant
Celebrity Chef Giuseppe Argentino has created a special menu for tonight’s dinner that highlights all of the flavors of the Italian kitchen.

27- 9:30 pm – Italian Desserts under the Stars and Rock the Boat Dance Party, Poolside*
Savor delicious local Italian desserts and dance the night away under the Tuscan sky.


5- Livorno - 016


28- 8:45 am – Optional winery tour to Castello Vicchiomaggio with our Guest Sommelier
Please contact Guest Services to book this optional excursion.

29- 9:00 am, 10:00 am & 11:00 am – Shopping with the Chefs
Our team of chefs takes you shopping at one of the bustling markets in Livorno. Please register at Guest Services as space is limited.

30- 12:00 nn – Local Market Lunch, The Colonnade & The Patio Grill
Local specialties are featured during this lunch.

31- 2:00 pm – Provence Wine Lecture, Grand Salon
Our Guest Sommelier Sebastian guides you through the wines of Provence in this informal presentation.

32- 6:00 pm – An Evening in Castello Livorno, Shore side*
Join us for a magical pre-dinner event in Livorno’s old castle located just steps away from the ship. Cocktails and local delicacies will be served as you mingle with your fellow Sojourn guests and meet new friends from the Quest (both ships are docked in Livorno today). A classical concert featuring Italian tenors singing your favorite arias will top off this unique event.

33- 7:00 pm – A Taste of Tuscany Market Dinner, The Colonnade
Traditional Tuscan dishes are served in the relaxed atmosphere of The Colonnade.

34- 11:00 pm – Italian Digestive Liquor Tasting, Observation Lounge
Guest Sommelier Sebastian invites you to try a selection of Italian digestive liqueurs.


3- St Tropez - 29


35- 9:00 am, 10:00 am & 11:00 am – Shopping with the Chefs
Our team of chefs takes you shopping at one of the vibrant markets in St. Tropez. Please register at Guest Services as space is limited.

36- 12:00 nn – Local Market Lunch, The Colonnade & Patio Grill
Local specialties are featured during this lunch.

37- 3:00 pm – Celebrity Chef Jean-Claude Cavalera Cooking Demonstration, The Grand Salon
Celebrity Chef Jean-Claude Cavalera demonstrates how he creates some of his favorite dishes.

38- 5:00 pm – Local Wine and Cheese Sail-Away, Poolside*
Enjoy fresh cheeses and local wines purchased at the market in St. Tropez.

39- 7:00 pm – Celebrity Chef Jean-Claude Cavalera’s Dinner Menu,The Restaurant
Celebrity Chef Jean-Claude Cavalera has created a special menu for tonight’s dinner that highlights many of the flavors of the French kitchen.


Monte Carlo - 029

We’ll linger at Seabourn Square on this last day aboard Seabourn Sojourn. It’s a place where a “living room” replaces the conventional cruise ship reception lobby.  This is also a good place to start talking about the features of Seabourn Sojourn, shared by the other ships in the Seabourn fleet.

Screenshot 2015-04-16 03.43.50

A welcoming lounge filled with comfortable sofas, easy chairs and cocktail tables,  in the center of Seabourn Square, versatile Guest Services Specialists sit discreetly at individual desks, ready to assist with pursers business, advice and guidance, shore excursion tickets and just about anything else.

Outside their enclave, the walls are lined with fiction, nonfiction and reference books, eight computer workstations are available for guests’ use and a tall, gleaming espresso machine attracts guests to a European Konditorei-style coffee bar serving specialty coffees, drinks, sandwiches, pastries and gelati. An open deck terrace is located aft of the Square.