Seabourn: A Day In The South China Sea

Continuing our Seabourn 14-night Taste of Asia Food and Wine Cruise, we spent a day sailing the South China Sea. Like a day at sea in about any other part of the world, there was time for enjoying onboard features of Seabourn Sojourn, and many sailing with us did just that. But unlike a day at sea on any other ship in the ocean, the Seabourn Food And Wine Cruise featured a number of events specific to the culinary focus of this third annual themed sailing.   Still just a few days in on the itinerary, passengers are settled into the sailing groove and on board events are heating up quite nicely. It’s time to cook.

Cruising The South China Sea - 49


The South China Sea is actually part of the Pacific Ocean that sees a third of the world’s shipping traffic. Where we are is nothing but open sea as shown in this relaxing video taken from the balcony of my stateroom on Seabourn Sojourn.


Dim Sum Cooking Demonstration - 04


That was the scene the entire day in all directions. Inside a morning cooking demonstration by Peninsula Hotel Dim Sum chef Henry Fong, a familiar face around the ship, first seen at a Dim Sum dinner early in the voyage.


Dim Sum Cooking Demonstration - 29


Interestingly, this second in a series of cooking demonstrations unique to the Seabourn Food and Wine Cruise shared an interesting feature from the last sailing; the celebrity chef did not speak English. In that case it was Italian Chef Guessipe Argentino with wife Lida Lamy interpreting for the audience. It worked well today too with both Cruise Director 098-09238450-948 and Fong’s manager from the Peninsula Hotel both interpreting.

If that same similarity carries forward to a Shopping with the Chefs tour, it might be quite the adventure. Last time, the scene was the city market of Livorno, Italy with rock star-like chef Argentino’s commanding presence defining the experience.


Bordeaux Wine Seminar - 17


Also on the schedule today, the second in a series of wine seminars, done a bit differently than on past sailings of the Seabourn Food And Wine Cruise.  This time, passengers can choose to participate in any one of four different wine region-themed tastings.

Here is more on our day sailing the South China Sea

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