Review: Duracel Powerhouse USB Charger

Getting to the ship can take some time away from electric power yet we still must have our cell phones, iPads, players, and portable 8-track devices working all the way.  For some travelers, its not an option to turn off electronic devices and staying on is critical.  Hunting for plugins at airports can be hard.  Even plugging in on a road trip to the pier is challenging.  We tried the Duracel Powerhouse USB Charger on several trips, several years ago and it performed well, easily recharging our iPhone’s twice with each full charge.  Now, Duracel has new products that can charge an iPhone up to ten times.

Testing the Duracel Powerhouse Line
When it is time  to buy, consult multiple sources because prices are all over the place.  Here, I just Googled our original “Duracel Powerhouse USB Charger” and got a variety of results in product and price.  Ours were about $25 each, shipped and worth every penny.






But recently, Duracel has come out with some new products that make our original buy look weak and worthless.

Duracel’s Longhaul Charger universal battery for Smartphones & Tablets  ($129) will charge up to 4 phone charges; enough to keep you going for days.   No need to wait either: with dual USB ports you can charge both your phone and tablet simultaneously. It charges your device at a rate comparable to being plugged into an outlet.

Check this video review-