Our Peculiar But Interesting Intro To Carnival Vista, LiveStream

Carnival Vista is set to sail an interesting series of Mediterranean cruises in the spring of 2016, before positioning to New York City ahead of being homeported at a yet-to-be disclosed location.  We found that information and much more at a nicely staged event in New York City recently, and brought that to readers and followers as it unfolded on a Livestream video feed.  Only one problem: few of the intended audience knew how to access Livestream.  Such are the calls we make when catching interesting information about cruise vacations to share with you.  Today, we have the easy directions for accessing that Livestream video, as well as more about this exciting new ship.

Now That We Caught Up With The Cart, Here’s The Horse
Accessing Livestream is easy for Facebook members, just click here to visit the Livestream web site (or download the Livestream app for your smartphone), sign in with Facebook (or create a free account, easy) and watch as Mark Tamis, Carnival’s senior vice president of guest operations doles out details on 133,500 ton Carnival Vista.

Take In The Mediterranean With A Friend
Debuting May 1, 2016 with a 13-day cruise departing from Trieste, Italy  (the first European voyage for Carnival in three years), Carnival Vista will visit a variety of Mediterranean ports. Sailing to iconic destinations in Italy, France, Spain, Croatia and Turkey, new destinations for Carnival such as Crete (Heraklion), and Corfu, Greece; Valletta, Malta; Palermo, Sicily; Cagliari, Sardinia; and Gibraltar will be visited as well.

Join The TransAtlantic Get First Hand Intro To Carnival Vista
On October 21, 2016, Carnival Vista will embark on a special 13-day transatlantic crossing and arrive in New York November 3, 2016, then operate a series of voyages from the Big Apple. Carnival Vista’s European cruises are currently available for reservations.  Additional information on the New York departures will be available next month. What happens after that is up for grabs.  Not likely?  Cold weather climates.  Intended to connect Carnival guests to the sea, multiple venues and accommodations have inside the ship access, complemented by outside promenade deck entry and enjoyment.

Bring Your Friends, All Your Friends
At 1,055 feet long and a guest capacity of 3,936 (double-occupancy), Carnival Vista new vessel will debut May 1, 2016, with a 13-day cruise departing from Trieste, Italy .  Carnival Vista’s European cruises are currently available for reservations.  Special group rates are being offered with generous group benefit package too.

Still confused about Livestream? Wondering “Why did he just not put this on YouTube?  Well, that costs more and I am not sure I like it all that much.  Still, click here for a YouTube video about watching Livestream..as if the confused were not confused enough.

About to send me hate mail over this?  How about a nice photo album?
We have all the currently released artist renderings of Carnival Vista in a Facebook Photo Album that will actually have captions at some point.  Also watch for an upcoming @exposure photo storybook about it all too.