Northwest Passage An Epic 23-Day Journey

The Northwest Passage, the sea route linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, is a dream sailing that required the courage, skill and determination of some of history’s greatest explorers.  Tricky to accomplish, the voyage can only be done successfully during a very specific time of the year and with a certain type of vessel.  Few cruise lines even attempt it; the danger is just too great for most.  To worldwide luxury travel and adventure tour operator Abercrombie and Kent though, the Northwest Passage with Abercrombie & Kent is typical of what they do.

Qualified For the Journey
Abercrombie & Kent has conducted more than 175 expeditions to Antarctica and the Arctic during 23 years of safe and successful polar exploration.  Guests sailing the Northwest Passage with Abercrombie & Kent will trace the path of explorers and dreamers who braved the elements over the centuries.

An Amazing Itinerary
The epic journey starts in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland and ends 23 days later at Anadyr in the Russian Far East.  Explorers on board will sail past cathedrals of ice, (said to be  the graveyards of early explorer’ ships) and sparsely-settled lands where they were forced to stay over winter when their ships were trapped by fast-moving ice.  Along the way, they will learn about the indigenous cultures that survived in the wilderness from West Greenland’s majestic fjords, bays and glaciers to Inuit villages in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories of Arctic Canada, as well as the isolated Bering Sea village of Little Diomede.

Surviving Nature In Luxury Comfort, Safely
But unlike those early explorers, A&K guests will explore in comfort aboard Le Boreal,’ one of the most stable and luxurious vessels plying polar regions today.  Chartered from luxury French cruise line Compagnie du Ponant, many of the 199 guests on board will enjoy butler service and A&K’s signature blend of luxury and adventure.  Insuring safety, the vessel employs the latest technology to track not only weather, but the hourly location of sea ice.

The Northwest Passage with Abercrombie & Kent sails August 20,  2015 for a total of 23 days; from $24,995 per person, double occupancy .

Not familiar with Abercrombie & Kent? Stay tuned.  We will with them at the end of June for a European river cruise, A&K style.  Details coming soon.

Want an idea of what traveling with A&K is like?  Check this video-