In Reflection: The Windstar Cruises Experience

After travel, we take a step back to consider the overall experience and round up photos, articles and other information published along the way.  That process of reflection brings a list of links to resources we have used before travel and those created on the road.  We want to present an accurate reflection of what we actually experienced while traveling.  Sailing with Windstar Cruises for the first time brought a unique opportunity to examine that process and the value it may (or may not) bring readers.  Contemplating our Windstar Cruises experience, I think we hit all the areas cruise travelers want to know about.   Here then is the result of that effort:

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River Cruise Radio

Chris noticed that the Windstar cruise experience is very much like a river cruise. In this episode of River Cruise Radio, we talk about experiences onboard, dining, onshore experiences, and more.


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