Culinary Experiences 2014: Enabled By Cruise Vacations

Taking you inside cruise vacations, we go about the process a number of ways.  Daily posts here, Facebook photo albums there and Instagram photos both live during an event and reflective as we remember the wonderful places we visited and people we met along the way.  Still, even though those venues enable us to bring you a diverse array of content, we are a bit limited by the capability each. That’s where Exposure comes in, giving us a means by which to share huge, detailed images of our travels and, we hope, give you a better picture of what we saw and you are likely to see on a similar sailing.

Looking back on 2014, we were blessed to have experienced a number of culinary events and sent much of that information to you.  Still, summing up the year one fact became crystal clear: everyone likes food and wants to see more of what is going on in the culinary world of cruise vacations.  Moving far beyond the all-you-can-eat buffets of yesteryear, cruise travelers are exposed to more culinary options on one ship than existed on entire fleets a decade ago.

Our new Exposure photo storybook, CULINARY EXPERIENCES 2014: Enabled By Cruise Vacations, is a sampling of what is being offered by a number of cruise lines…but not all.  Still, for those interested in culinary options while sailing, here are our most memorable moments of 2014.

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Note: Best viewed on the largest screen you can find, this will work on mobile devices as well; just turn them sideways