Cruise Line Attacks Germs, Shows No Mercy

When the subject of cruise line sanitation comes up, it is usually because there has been an outbreak of Norovirus onboard a ship, causing a number of passengers to become ill.  Today we have a story about a cruise line taking extra steps to insure the safe passage of their guests, undoubtedly something we won’t see on cable news.

We have talked before about measures cruise lines take to insure the future of oceans, finding ways to eliminate all discharge of bad things into the sea. On board Princess Cruises we heard from a ship’s Environmental Officer who detailed the procedures in place.  On Holland America Line we noted a unique move to avoid cross contamination of food, having crew members only serve from the normally self-serve buffet areas.  Protecting passengers from hidden germs,  Royal Caribbean has been taking very proactive steps to disinfect their ships.

Using state-of-the-art-technology to treat and protect every touch point against hidden germs, Royal Caribbean uses sophisticated electrostatic sprayers designed specifically for cruise lines to disinfect very large areas in very little time.

New to RCCL’s arsenal this year is a backpack version of a system designed by Florida-based ByoPlanet International which allows for an even more mobile technician to hit smaller, hard-to-reach spaces and high traffic areas with complete disinfectant protection.  The result is a process that provides a safer approach to sanitization, disinfection and odor elimination and has proven effective at combating today’s deadliest germs while saving valuable housekeeping resources.

In this video, we see some of what they do to ships before we get on board: