Compelling Story: Seuss Cat Presidential Run Really Happening

Election Day is just three months away and a new candidate has thrown his hat in the ring.  Not really aligned with any major political party, the Cat In The Hat is running for President Of The United States.  Regardless of our individual thoughts on issues, policies and other (boring) election year issues, the Cat In The Hat For President does have a very nice ring to it.  Still, there are a few issues to deal with before a Cat In The Hat presidency can resolve.  First, the obvious commercial application of a Seuss Cat Presidential Run could prove problematic.

Seuss Cat Presidential Run

Not so coincidentally, the announcement of The Cat In The Hat for President comes at the exact same time as the release of a new book. “One Vote, Two Votes, I Vote, You Vote” said to be suspiciously titled along the lines of other Dr Seuss (1904-1991) books.

“Carnival is the number one cruise line for families and we’re delighted to team up with our partner Dr. Seuss Enterprises to celebrate the release of this fantastic new book and the launch of The Cat in the Hat’s presidential campaign to help kids understand the importance of voting in a fun yet educational way,” -Christine Duffy, president of Carnival Cruise Line.

Also an issue, how to list The Cat In The Hat on ballots.  Is that legal name The Hat, The Cat In?  Is a cat actually eligible to be President of the United States?  Questions come from both sides of the aisle that deserve answers.  For example, does the Cat In The Hat meet the minimum age requirement of 35 years old?  Obviously there is a huge difference between 35 human years and the cat equivalent (210 years), making The Cat In The Hat the oldest being to ever take office.  Also, do we really know if the Cat In The Hat is a boy or a girl?

Still, in support of the candidacy of the world’s favorite feline, Carnival Cruise Line will serve as the Official Seagoing Headquarters for The Cat in the Hat’s presidential campaign, coinciding with the release of the new Dr. Seuss book.  None of Royal Caribbean’s Dreamworks characters could be reached for comment other than “We have no plans to enter the race at this time”, eluding to a possible last minute run, probably announced along with hot deals on some upcoming Tuesday.

Seuss Cat Presidential Run

Seuss Cat Presidential Run – Point Of Order

Joined by his running mates, Thing 1 and Thing 2, and decked out in his special presidential attire, The Cat in the Hat will be hitting the campaign tail on each Carnival ship starting this week, shaking hands, passing out stickers, leading parades and smiling for photo opportunities, all part of his platform of “it’s fun to have fun but you have to know how.”

In keeping with the presidential theme, Carnival will also offer a variety of fun, educational #CatinHat4Prez-inspired activities designed to teach kids about the importance of voting and the election process.  Part of the line’s exclusive Seuss at Sea program, the activities include patriotic face painting and arts and crafts sessions where kids can create colorful posters that will be used in a Seuss-a-palooza Presidential Parade led by none other than The Cat in the Hat himself.

Ballot boxes will be also positioned in Camp Ocean/Camp Carnival on each ship, allowing kids’ (only, no adults which is sort of an issue) voices to be heard as they vote on their favorite Dr. Seuss book and receive a custom-made certificate for voting.  Kids are also invited to star in The Cat in the Hat’s official campaign commercial which will be shown on the in-cabin TV channels on each ship.

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Seuss Cat Presidential Run Images: Carnival Cruise Line