Amsterdam Increases River Cruise Security

Often an area of concern for first time river cruise travelers, security seems rather relaxed compared to big ship ocean-sailing options.  Passengers walk on and off river cruise ships without the  layer of security designed to keep them safe when ocean cruise ships are completely surrounded by water in all directions, as far as the eye can see.  Granted, river cruise ships pose far less of a security risk if for no other reason than that they carry comparatively few passengers.  That those ships are constantly in sight of shore is also comforting.  Still,  as the largest Western European turn-around port for river cruises, the Port of Amsterdam is taking a leadership position, improving river cruise security for both ships and passengers calling at its port.


river cruise security

Photo – Chris Owen


River cruising is one of the fastest growing travel options within the Amsterdam tourist industry today. This year alone, more than 1,800 river cruise ships and over 450,000 passengers will pass through the port of Amsterdam. To address the security concerns of cruise travelers, the busiest river cruise locations in the Amsterdam port area will have extra surveillance during the night.

To do that, the Port of Amsterdam has joined forces with M&M Security, a company with a considerable amount of experience in the security of ocean cruise ships.  Not unfamiliar with river cruising, the company also executes security assignments for river cruise shipping companies.

M&M Security will be deployed for nighttime surveillance and security at the locations: De Ruijterkade, quays 17 and 18, De Ruijterkade Oost, quays A,B,C,D, De Ruijterkade West, Veemkade (PTA) and Javakade.

“We are happy to have found an experienced partner in M&M Security to support us in our pursuit to improve river cruise security in the Amsterdam port area,” notes Koen Overtoom, CEO a.i. at Port of Amsterdam, adding “Nowadays, security is a much talked-of issue. Together with the river cruise shipping companies, we are going to research how we can further explore this subject in depth for future developments. In any case, we will take the lead this season and next season, pursuing an optimum customer experience.”