Top 5 Reasons to Visit St Thomas

The Caribbean offers a variety of choices for travelers seeking a pleasant island experience just about any time of the year.  Couples, families and solo travelers find places perfect for everything from adventure travel to weddings, honeymoons or just a quick getaway. There is truly an island for everyone and all share some similar features.  Still, of the over 700 Caribbean islands, St. Thomas offers some distinctive advantages. Here are five good reasons to visit St Thomas.

It’s Part of the United States
As opposed to other islands that are stand-alone island nations; complete with their own currency, language and other differences, St. Thomas is part of the U.S. Virgin Islands.   Along with St. John and St. Croix, the official language of the island is English and the currency is the dollar.   That means no currency conversion and easy conversations with local residents, many of which were former mainland urbanites.

Rich in History
Formerly the Danish West Indies, history of the U.S. Virgin Islands dates back to their discovery by Christopher Columbus in 1493.  Like other Caribbean islands, Sugarcane was a major crop, produced by slave labor until its abolition in 1848.  Take a cab with a local driver and odds are they will offer a tour of the sugar plantations and a commentary along the way all about the trade.

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