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In 2001, just after the tragic events of 9/11, Chris created one of the original cruise information websites,  At the time, the world of cruising was evolving from a experience commonly associated with “the newlywed or nearly dead” to an efficient, value oriented travel option for all.  We liked what we saw, totally bought into the idea and have never looked back.  Now after the equivalent of more than 2 years at sea, it’s time for our next step: providing the resources you need to get the most out of your travel.

 Start The Dreaming Process

Our main function here at is to serve as a reliable source of travel information, mainly focused on the world of cruise vacations.  That information might be from our own travels or those of trusted sources we have come to know. We know from first-hand experience that wonderful travel memories can be created when travelers are matched with the right cruise line.


Start Planning

We have a variety of resources here designed to point travelers in the right direction.  Start by reviewing our Planning posts, move on to specific interests in ocean or river cruises and don’t forget to take a look at destinations you might visit along the way. Engage us on a variety of social media platforms, check our photo libraries and get information on travel gear, travel safety and more browsing our website.   Had enough browsing?  Time to book?

Before contacting a travel agent or cruise line, stop by our Deals page first to know what is being offered by all cruise lines all the time.  As we receive notification of upcoming promotions, we post it there live and unedited.

The Deals page is just one of the tools available to help narrow down that search. Another is our Basic Traveler Survey.  The confidential results will get us started on pointing you in the right planning direction.  At the same time that survey might help you start focusing on which of all cruise options available is the best fit.  Over the years, we have established relationships with cruise lines and travel agents around the world. We might recommend one for you if appropriate.

We believe there is no one source best for cruise information  just as there is no one cruise line that is everything to everyone.  And don’t forget us after booking either: we have Resources and links to commonly-needed information and can serve as an unbiased third-party source to complement the efforts of your cruise line and travel professional

Once armed with accurate planning information, you’ll be ready to book your cruise vacation.  Regardless of who you book that with, having a good idea what you’re looking for first brings your best chance of a marvelous travel experience.