River Cruise Radio Brings Unique Perspective, Familiar Voice

When Doug Parker started CruiseRadio 400+ episodes ago, the weekly podcast caught on quick.  Offering a unique way to receive information about cruise travel, CruiseRadio.net brings ship reviews by actual cruise travelers as well as cruise news and interviews with everyone from crew members to cruise line executives.  Solidly popular and informative, CruiseRadio has covered just about every cruise line and most ships in the ocean.  River cruising?  That’s another story entirely; one that will now be told in the same frank, to the point format on new RiverCruiseRadio, debuting this week.


Seen On The River With Viking River Cruises - 52


Regular listeners of CruiseRadio will find familiar segments on RiverCruiseRadio as the new series rolls out in a Netflix/Amazon sort of way with the first four episodes available on demand, right now.  The free podcasts happen on the CruiseRadio website and via a number of podcast applications. Odds are, your favorite has both CruiseRadio which brings RiverCruiseRadio as well.


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While producing a radio show is a seamless experience for CruiseRadio, content unique to river cruising is a relatively new part of travel to be covered.    Listening to the initial productions, there is good information to be gained; a supplement to other planning resources that can indeed bring otherwise obscure issues into clear focus.


Elbe Scenic Cruising - 169


Case in point:  We have talked a lot in this space about our wonderful experience on the Elbe river in eastern Germany. Low river levels on the Elbe caused ships to be used as hotels rather than sailing vessels and made for an even more unique experience than we bargained for.  I’ve written this story using thousands of words in print. Unique on one episode of RiverCruiseRadio: I was able to get most of the points made in those thousands of words across in a very short amount of time, much more efficiently.

Engaging RiverCruiseRadio

I’ll get better at it too and look forward to telling the stories we have here via RiverCruiseRadio.
We’re also answering listener questions and just about any topic is on the table.
So listen and keep that going please.
Thank you.


Right now, three episodes are ready to go.  Listen to them here, download and listen later (I do this when I go on walks) or send to friends who need to know more about river cruising.

Episode One- Introduction To River Cruises
In episode one we hit on a number of often elusive topics about river cruising, bringing tips and tricks you’re just not going to find elsewhere.

Episode Two- Review Of Avalon Waterways Avalon Poetry II
Episode two gives a glimpse of a diverse number of viewpoints we hope to see on RiverCruiseRadio as each week brings an increasingly rich array of choices.

Episode Three- A Not-So River Cruise- Viking River Cruises Elegant Elbe
In episode three, an account of our Elegant Elbe river cruise


So take a listen. I think you’ll like what you hear.