Avignon, France – Viking Style

For Viking River Cruises, sailing up and down the waterways of Europe is just what they do with their new fleet of Viking longships.  France is one of many countries  Viking visits, bringing culturally curious travelers along for the ride of their lives.  Our first stop: Avignon for the launch of 18 new ships in one day.

Launching enough new Viking longships to break their own world record, Viking River Cruises will have more capacity on the usually sold out itineraries.  A popular part of the world for river cruise fans is France; in particular Bordeaux, thus the launch of two new itineraries serviced by two new ships in the area.  We’re with Viking River Cruises this week and will sample what they do in Bordeaux.

On the way, we began in Avignon where the world record breaking christening of 18 Viking River Cruise longships in one day took place.  Also on tap in the area, a walking tour of the city before the christening then a trip into the French countryside for a christening celebration dinner at Pont du Gard.

Serving as a magnificent backdrop for the Christening Dinner it was one of those moments when you just set your camera down and drink in the experience.  Guest strolled the 165 foot high aqueduct built 2000 years ago by the Romans as the sun set.  Viking Chairman Torstein Hagan was presented with his new Guinness Book of World Records certificate, certifying the launch of 18 Viking longships in one day.  International singing sensation Mireille Mathieu performed.  A fabulous dinner was served as day turned to night and history of the world was projected on the area by the same people who did the opening ceremonies for the last Olympics.

It was a Christening Dinner like no other we have witnessed that tapped guests emotions, much like Viking River Cruises does at every turn, on every sailing, in one way or another.