Abercrombie & Kent Luxury: Signed, Sealed, Delivered It’s Yours

Our travel with Abercrombie & Kent in Egypt began with three nights on land at the Mena House Hotel with a front row seat view of the Giza pyramids. We followed that with a four-night river cruise before a rousing finish at the posh Four Seasons Hotel Cairo. Had we gone home from there, the entire travel package would have been one of the best ever experienced. But instead of going home, we chose to add on an A&K Jordan and Petra extension. In just two days, we have covered a lot of ground with two intense days left to go. Still, even with all that is planned, one unique differentiating factor quite present in the A&K product is the customizability of what they offer travelers.


One of Abercrombie & Kent’s Signature travel experiences, the Jordan extension is one of the most luxurious travel options available. Totally customizable to include just about any focus one might choose, as few as one traveler is matched with an A&K guide who is with them all the way, much like our Egyptologist was on travel up to this point. Where the Signature series differs is in how A&K offers it.

Oct 12, 2015 - 002

Select sailings of A&K’s popular Egypt and the Nile offering, like the one we just experienced, have the option of adding the Jordan extension. If not offered, A&K will block in that same extension itinerary for any size travel party with one big difference: On the first day, the A&K guide asks what, specifically, travelers want to get out of the experience, where they want the focus to be and what they hope to come away from it with.

Amman Lunch At Al Reef Al Lebani - 61

In our case, that meant a bit less focus on the history details and more time at the pre-planned sites for photography. Done. Better yet, not everyone in each travel group has to do everything planned and options are provided. Want to enjoy a spa treatment at the first-class hotel? Time is allowed for one traveler to do that while others do something else, or nothing at all. Want to have a non-stop travel experience that will let you see everything that is possible to see in the amount of time available? That can happen too.

Hitayet Sitti Restaurant - 73

In my case, at this point in the trip it has become a delicate balancing act between doing everything I possibly can to bring you as much information as possible and dying. There are only so many minutes in the day and time is flying by. This speaks to the notion of customizability and how very nicely A&K makes that happen. Both Egypt and Jordan are wonderful places to visit, multiple times.

Mosaic Workshop - 69

Frankly (because that’s how we roll here), what I thought would surely be a once-in-a-lifetime experience solidly deserves another try in the future. As A&K’s director of Egypt operations put it on the last night in Cairo “you have only seen a part of Egypt.” Agreed; I will return some day, perhaps on an A&K Signature travel experience, so let’s take a closer look at how that is playing out for us right now.

Amman Lunch At Al Reef Al Lebani - 63

The Signature level product offered clearly defines what qualifies and confirms Abercrombie & Kent as the world’s leading luxury travel company. It simply does not get better than this. The gallery below is an accurate representation of what we have seen and done since leaving Egypt, so far.


Chris Taking Photo

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  1. Mena House Hotel Cairo
  2. On The Streets Of Cairo
  3. Egyptian Museum Of Antiquities
  4. Lunch On The Nile
  5. Karnak Bazar
  6. Cairo Street Scenes
  7. Mit Rahina Museum
  8. Step Pyramid
  9. Tomb of Ka Gimni
  10. Carpet School
  11. Aboushakra Egyptian Lunch
  12. Giza Pyramids
  13. The Solar Boat
  14. A Camel Ride In Egypt
  15. The Iconic Sphinx
  16. Valley of the Kings
  17. Mena House Dinner
  18. Luxor
  19. Temple Of Karnak
  20. Sanctuary Resorts Sun Boat IV
  21. Seen On The Nile
  22. Sun Boat IV Culinary 
  23. Egyptian Night
  24. Sunrise On The Nile
  25. Scenic Cruising On The Nile
  26. Luxor By Day
  27. Temple Of Goddess Hathor At Denderah
  28. Nile Dining On Deck
  29. Sundown On The Nile
  30. Luxor At Night
  31. Going Through Locks On The Nile
  32. Edfu Temple
  33. Egyptian Cooking Lesson
  34. Ptolemaic Temple At Kom Ombo
  35. Egyptian Night On Sun Boat IV
  36. Philae Temple
  37. Beautiful Flowers Of Egypt
  38. The Unfinished Obelisk
  39. A Felucca Sailboat Ride On The Nile

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